Rituals Advent Calendar (Day 7-12)

Rituals Day 7-12

Here is a breakdown of what I received in Day 7-12 of the Rituals Advent Calendar:

Day 7 – Miracle Wipes, 10 sheets

These cleansing wipes are perfect for when travelling.  They contain no alcohol and great for removing make up.

Day 8 – Treat shampoo, 30ml

This energising shampoo fragranced with Wakame & Bamboo is an exclusive as it’s only available in luxury hotels.

Day 9 – Dao Shower Oil, 20ml

This relaxing fragrance of White Lotus with the nourishing properties of Yi Yi Ren, which is an ingredient traditionally used in Chinese medicine.

Day 10 – Advent Mini Candle

This second advent candle is a symbol of joy.

Day 11 – Dao Bed & Body Mist, 20ml

I’ve used this before and it’s so calming to use during bed time. You can spray on your bed linen or yourself and it really does ‘relax your mind and spirit’ aiding a good night’s sleep.

Day 12 – Sakura Shower Scrub, 70ml

I’ve used the shower foam and body lotion in the range but not tried the scrub. It’s a sugar based scrub that will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

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If you would like to see my previous post on what I got in the Rituals Advent Calendar Day 1-6 then click here.

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 What advent calendar did you have this year?

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