Rituals Advent Calendar (Day 13-18)

Rituals Day 13-18

Here is a breakdown of what I received in Day 13-18 of the Rituals Advent Calendar:

Day 13 – Soap Bar

This is another exclusive only available at one of Rituals partnership hotels. This cute size hand soap is of Mandarin & Yuzu.

Day 14 – Hammam Foaming Shower Gel, 50ml

This is another reason why I bought this advent calendar. This refreshing foaming shower gel from the Hammam range is of eucalyptus & rosemary. I cannot wait to try this!

Day 15 – Dao Relaxing Serum, 5ml

This serum is of Chinese mint & yi yi ren which you massage in your pulse points to relax and relieve you of any holiday stress.

Day 16 – Samurai 2 in 1 Shampoo & Shower Gel, 70ml

This refreshing bamboo and deep sea mineral wash would be great to take with you to the gym.

Day 17 – Advent Mini Candle

This third advent candle is to celebrate love.

Day 18 – Ayurveda Shower Gel, 30ml

This balancing shower gel of Indian Rose and Shikakai would be great for travel.

Rituals Advent Calendar Tree

If you would like to see my previous posts on what I got in the Rituals Advent Calendar see the link below:

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What has been your favourite advent calendar this year?

Love iblushbeauty –x-

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