Kiko Milano Mask Parade Sheet Masks

If like me you’re obsessed with using sheet masks as part of your skin care routine then you’ll be pleased to know that Kiko Milano have launched 14 masks to suit all skin types.

I went a bit click happy when ordering online and picked up a range from there care masks, selfie masks and a first for me, primer and bubble mask. All masks are either microfibre fabric or hydrogel and are all made in South Korea.

Kiko Milano Masks

I absolutely love the artwork design of the packaging, I feel to arrange these masks in a frame and hang it on my wall. The illustrations are so creative and so up my street!

Here are the masks I picked up:

Kiko Face Sheet Masks

You Are Golden – £4.90
A brightening gold hydrogel face mask with honey extract. For that special occasion.

Chill Out Session – £4.90
An anti-fatigue hydrogel face mask with green tea extract. Great after a long day at the office and in need of a boost of energy.

Frequent Flyer – £4.90  
A hydrating hydrogel face mask with blue flower extract. Great to use to rehydrate your skin after a long flight.

Girls Night Out – £4.90
An energizing hydrogel face mask with coffee extract. This will be a great pick me up after a night out. I am now thinking maybe I should have picked up two!

Kiko Masks

Zoomania in Cat – £3.90
A hydrating cat sheet mask. You can also get the same hydrating mask in frog, panda and tiger face design.

Bubble Maker – £3.90
A purifying Japanese charcoal sheet mask. Excited to try this as I’ve heard so much about the bubble mask.

You Are Golden Eye – £3.90
A gold hydrogel eye mask with honey extract. For a refreshed look.

Make Me Matte –  £3.90
A mattifying priming sheet mask. This is interesting as it seems to be a mask that primes your face before foundation application. Am looking forward to putting this to the test and see how it compares a normal face primer.

Fairy Feet – £4.90  
A smoothing and moisturising foot and nail mask.

Lastly, with every online order you get to pick a sample, my choice was the Hydro Pro Matte Face Cream (a mattifying moisturising fluid), 3ml.

Kiko Milano currently have an offer on these south Korean sheet masks, until 19th November, if you buy 3 masks you get the 4th mask free! 

If you would like me to do an individual review on a particular mask, please let me know in the comments below.

Which Kiko mask would you like to try?


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