Empties | December 2015

I was pulling together my January empties and realise that I hadn’t posted last month’s empties…Oops! Anyway better late than never here is products I’ve used up in the month of December.

Empties December 2015JO MALONE – Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Wash, 250ml

I absolutely love Jo Malone and no matter what other fragrances I try I always return to this classic scent. It just smells great in the shower and it really lingers on your skin all day. There’s no need to wear any perfume when showering in this beauty. I used this recently on a long haul flight to USA and you can take great comfort in knowing that you will arrive still smelling lovely and fresh. I already have a back up of this in my stash and I recently found out that they have opened a store at my local shopping centre (dangerous) so saving me a trip to Westfields. Generally, I tend to wait if I’m traveling to pick something up at London Gatwick airport to make the most of duty free!

CLINIQUE – take the day off makeup remover, 50ml

I feel so sad this has now finished, I blame all the Christmas dos and parties wearing glittery eyeshadows and won’t budge mascara (which is a pain to take off). This oil based remover did last me a while and OMG it’s really good. You put some on a cotton pad and let it rest on your eyelids for about 30 seconds. This does all the hard work for you and when you wipe your eyes about 90% (if not more) of that stubborn make up is gone! I’ve even gone as far as just taking the pads off my eyes and amazed at how much transferred onto the pad before wiping. Seriously no rubbing needed, it takes all that hard work out of removing products such as Benefit They’re Real mascara or Mally’s won’t come off till you decide to take it off make up.

WELEDA – Skin Food, 10ml

I adore the Weleda brand, everything I’ve used from them have been really impressive. I’ve heard great things about their Skin Food and when I was suffering from a dry rough patch in the middle of my back, not sure if I had a reaction to something but clearly my skin was irritated. This worked really well in healing and smoothing out my skin again. It really is food for the skin.

AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES – De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil, 3ml

You would have seen from my previous post that I enjoy using these bath oils. This small sample was enough for two baths.  Great for when you are going through those stressful periods it just helps clear and focus your mind without you feeling sleepy. It contains frankincense, camomile and rosemary.  I have already re-purchased this and other scents from the brand, you can see my recent haul post here.

MIO – Double Buff, 50ml

This body scrub was great in that you apply it to dry skin before you go into the shower. It doesn’t flake off so no scrubby bits on your bathroom floor to clean up. I found it left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised which is down to the pumice and Shea butter within the product alongside papaya, pineapple and fig. This scrub was gentle yet effective and I’ll definitely look to getting another one once I used up some other scrubs.

L’OCCITANE – Pivoine Flora Shower Gel, 75ml

This is my favourite summer scent from L’Occitane, I’ve been using it for years and I’ve also tried the lotion and perfume and just love this peony fragrance. This is the last one of my shower gels in my stash and no doubt I’ll return to it once I’ve used up some other shower products first.

BARE MINERALS – Active Cell Renewal Night Serum, 15ml

Another product I am going to miss as I really enjoyed using this night serum. It was a great alternative to the heavy thick night creams or face oils in that it was nice and light on my face. I woke up with my face feeling soft and supple.

I really enjoy doing posts like this as it helps me keep track of products I’ve finished and also reminisce on some great beauty favourites.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

Love iblushbeauty -x-


3 responses to “Empties | December 2015

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Jo Malone products but they’re so expensive!!

    I’ve just posted a January Empties article, would love to hear your opinions on some of the products if you’ve used them! 🙂 x

    • You’re right it’s the priciest shower gel I’ve ever owned! My first one was given to me as a gift, hopefully your first one will be too. x

      Sure I’ll check out your post, thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. That’s great post! I wrote about my January empties too! You might want to check it out 😊 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊 👌

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