Boxing Day Sales Haul – LUSH

Lush Boxing Day Haul 2015

Hello lovelies,

Hope you had a lovely Christmas break.

One thing I look forward to around this time is the SALES!!! Most importantly the annual 50% off LUSH sale which starts on Boxing Day.

Now I was up VERY early on Boxing Day morning (which is rare for me), before the sale even started. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some LUSH goodies, particularly as I got some real beauties last year that lasted me till the autumn. I have really missed not having a LUSH bath the last couple of months. Those of you like me who tried to access the site when the sale started (around 10am) it was overloaded with fellow bargain shoppers. All Boxing Day I tried to add items to my basket but it continued to crash. I felt so adamant a. due to waking up very early b. I refused to miss out on the bargains and c. did I say I woke up early?!

I literally had my tablet attached to my arm all day at my aunts house with family members coming for more festive dinner. LUSH introduced a queuing system that was meant to give you an allocated slot to make your purchase online but that just crashed multiple times on me when it was my turn. 😦  My cousins who came in the evening for drinks wondered what I was doing, admired my dedication and asked why I didn’t just pop to the shopping centre and visit the store. I must say it did cross my mind but I have never been a fan of large crowds particularly during sales time. Also earlier on Twitter I saw posted pictures of long queues outside various branches, it just wasn’t appealing to me at all. Anyway Boxing day was a no go and I ended up making my purchase early hours Sunday morning whilst stirring in my slumber and with one eye open (being half asleep) I finally managed to check out my basket…YEAH!

Here is what I managed to get:

  • 2 Star Dust bath bombs, £1.48 each
  • Christmas Bath Time Favourites (10 bath bombs), £19.98
  • 4 So White bath bombs, £1.83 each
  • 4 Golden Wonder bath bombs, £1.98 each
  • Snow Fairy’s Castle, £10.98

Note: Unfortunately 2 of the bath bombs were broken when delivered.

Lush 10 bath gift set tag

Christmas Bath Time Favourites

Lush Snow Fairy gift tag

Snow Fairy’s Castle

The only item that sold out before I could check out was the ‘five gold rings’ and by mid morning I checked the site again and the majority of items were gone. If you didn’t get online in time try visiting your local branch with the mad Boxing day rush now over and with new deliveries they may have restocked items. Last year I managed to get the 12 days of Christmas half price with some other bits when shopping in Westfield London just before New Years.

LUSH still have some items left on sale online – link here.

Did you manage to pick up some LUSH goodies online or in store?

Love iblushbeauty -x-

Twitter: iblushbeautyUK


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