Empties | August 2014

Hello lovelies!

I love it when I get to finish beauty products and share with you all my thoughts on them!

Here are the products I finished in the month of August:

Empties @iblushbeautyUK

Empties @iblushbeautyUK

1. Noble Isle – Willow Song Lavenham Walk Bath & Shower Gel, 250ml

This was beauty discovery favourite of 2013! I absolutely love this shower gel, this is the full size version I got as part of Christmas present set. You would have heard me bang on about it before, it’s a floral scent with rose petal, watermelon, lily and cedarwood to name a few. It’s just heavenly and I love it.

Repurchase? I already have a couple of the 75ml travel size in my stash!

2. Nip+Fab – Dry Leg Fix, 100ml

I have to admit I didn’t quite get this product when I first received this from my Love Me Beauty box as I already use body lotion that covers the whole body. It was not until I started using it and firstly loved the scent, not too overpowering but not offensive either. Then secondly came the application, I just loved how it hydrated my legs and absorbed quickly. This soon became my firm favourite body product to use on my legs during the summer and would use a different more scented item on the top half of my body.

Repurchase? Most definitely, but need to use my mountain load of other body products in my stash first.

3. Organic Surge – Fresh Ocean Shower Gel, 250ml

I have heard so much about Organic Surge and was delighted to see they had it in stock at my local Co-op. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give this a try as I’ve only ever seen it online.  This fresh ocean shower gel appealed to me the most as I felt the lemon and lime combo would be nice and refreshing to use first thing in the morning. Unfortunately although it was pleasant enough and didn’t dry out my skin I wouldn’t say it was the most awakening of shower gels. Maybe I was expecting too much but it was just ok for me and the scent was more subtle than what I am used to.

Repurchase? Not this particular one but would like to try some of their other fragrances in the range.

4. Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil, 10ml

I knew instantly when I saw this cute little glass bottle with its roller ball applicator that I would love it, using it certainly didn’t disappoint! It’s multipurpose targeted for dry skin areas, I used it around my hips and has ingredients list of  Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kemel, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Absolute and Jojoba Oil. The scent really packs a punch and it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue a real luxury to use, shame it had to run out so quickly!

Repurchase? Absolutely, I love this wonder oil!

5. Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash, 100ml

I liked the sound of this product which I got from my Love Me Beauty box, it smelt nice but unfortunately it was a bit too harsh to use daily as it was quite drying. It has some grainy bits in it which was few and far between (I assume to exfoliate) and felt pointless to have inside the wash as I didn’t feel it added anything. I mainly saved this gel facial wash for when my skin was super oily and needed something more than what my normal cleanser could deliver.

Repurchase? No, wasn’t really for me.

6. Essential Care – Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash, 30ml

This 70% organic plant actives facial wash which I got from my Love Me Beauty box contains aloe, lemon and tea tree. It’s meant to be ideal for acne and blemish prone skin while being kind and gentle to sensitive skin. I have been saving this for the summer months when my skin tends to be more oilier and noted it had an expiry date for August 2014. This is a better face wash than the previous and I love the lemon smell it gives off. I do think it may be too gentle and mild for my skin but enjoyable to use none the less.

Repurchase? I received another one from my SoukSouk box which I am using currently.

That concludes my empties for the month of August.

Have you used any of these products? What did you make of them?

Love iblushbeauty -x-

Twitter @iblushbeautyUK


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