Home Fragrances by NEXT

Hello lovelies!

My recent trip to NEXT where initially I was meant to be looking at purchasing some new season shoes but ended up leaving with some home fragrances (as you do). Its been a busy couple of months with doing some home improvements and there is nothing more satisfying then when it comes to adding those last finishing touches. I fell in love with this gorgeous looking pink and white decorative candle called LOVE that is taller than the length of my hand and thick too with burn time of 110 hours. It’s described as a romantic fragrance with blossom white florals wrapped in soft marshmallow and sandalwood.

Next Love Candle

This has taken pride place in my living room and been lighting this candle in the evenings after coming home from work.  The floral sweet scent fills the room really quickly, it’s so lovely and tranquil yet inexpensive at £8. What I love most is you can still smell the lingering scent the following morning when entering the room.

Next Love Candle Lit

There is a mint green friendship version called MEMORIES  also £8 which I’ll be checking out next. This is more invigorating, fresh with citrus tones.

Next Honeycomb Diffuser

I have really got into reed diffusers of late and had a lavender scented one from Sainsbury’s that recently run out. I couldn’t resist this Honeycomb one and for £6 you cannot go wrong for that price! This is described as delectable and sweet and lasts up to 6 weeks. Like my previously one I have this in my bedroom bedside table. I was initially concerned that the scent may be too awakening for the bedroom but it’s been fine and waking up to a honeycomb fragrance when leaning over to switch off the alarm clock makes for a better morning which isn’t bad at all.

NEXT Honeycomb Closeup

There are loads of other home fragrances which you can check out here at www.next.co.uk

What home fragrances will you be using this autumn?

Love iblushbeauty -x-

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