Rituals Home Accessories Box

Hello beauties,

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen my excitement when I saw this limited edition box of delights from one of my favourite beauty brands…RITUALS!

I was first introduced to Rituals when at my old work place, they opened their own store in the shopping centre in 2012. I spent many of lunch hours with a colleague or two in tow making my way around the store smelling amazing products, creating wish lists and making cheeky purchases with ‘Ohh I’ve had such a hard day today, I need to treat myself’ comments and nudging my colleagues along (I know I’m terrible). I think during that time I was a walking, talking advertising campaign for that store. Managers, secretaries and other work colleagues would say; ‘ohh you smell nice’, my reply would be ‘Rituals’, they would say ‘ohh I need to buy something for my niece?’ My reply ‘Rituals’ and lastly ‘ohh I need to buy my team a thank you Christmas present’ and I would say ‘Did I tell you about Rituals’. It was all Rituals, Rituals & Rituals and made many purchases for friends and families birthdays, Christmas etc.

I have now left and moved on to another job and thankfully they do not have a Rituals store where I am now! I have since detoxed myself from them in 2013 and until now and mmm have a small few items left that are nearly finished.

So when I saw this deal from All Boxed Up for all Telegraph readers can purchase a Rituals Home Accessories Box which is worth more than £80 for just £15 including postage and packaging. With its pull of words:

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into meaningful RITUALS… Rituals products are based on ancient Eastern home and body traditions with fragrances created by the finest perfumers in the world.

Rituals Beauty Box Reveal

That was when I knew my detox was over!

Included in the Telegraph Rituals Home Accessories Box:

Fragrance Sticks – 230ml RRP £24.50 Add a touch of luxury to your home and infuse it with the heavenly scent of RITUALS fragrance sticks.

Home Perfume – 100ml RRP £17.50 A quick spray of this rich home perfume is great way to instantly refresh or intensify the fragrance in your room.

Bed & Body Mist – 50ml RRP £16.50 Spritz this light fragrance on your bed linen or on your skin for a restful night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Rituals Left Close Up

Hand Wash – 300ml RRP £10.00 A nourishing soap-free formula with hydrating ingredients for clean and smooth hands.

Hand Lotion – 300ml RRP £15.00 Massage this rich lotion to moisturise hands and keep them ultra soft.

Rituals for Hands

It got delivered today and I am in scent heaven! They all smell absolutely amazing and could go on and try to describe each product with top notes of this and low notes of that…but I think you just need to smell it for yourself by visiting your local store and you’ll know why I go crazy over this brand!

The other reason why I say this is unfortunately this offer is now sold out but you can join All Boxed Up newsletter to be the first to know about future promotional boxes.  I first got to hear about them when I saw a deal for The Telegraph Winter Beauty Box. The only downside is that delivery can take ages but rest assured it does eventually arrive and they do email you to keep you posted on the delivery progress.

Lastly (so you are not completely disappointed) they currently have an offer on a range of beauty products called An Adventure In Beauty (see here) priced at £15 plus £3.99 p&p, so check that out if you are interested.

Have you tried products from Rituals? Did you manage to grab yourself this box?

Love iblushbeauty -x-

Twitter: @iblushbeautyUK



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