Love Me Beauty | March 2014

LMB Box | March 2014

In this months Love Me Beauty box I picked Menu 2 and here is what I received:

LMB Reveal | March 2014

Murad – Pore & Line Minimising Hydrator, 10ml (sample size)

A dual-action hydrator refines pores and helps control breakouts for smoother, younger looking skin.

I am liking the sound of this product, at the moment I am still using the Dr Bragi moisturiser that I got from last months box (which I am loving by the way) and I look forward to giving this one a try.

BlanX – White Shock Toothpaste, 15 ml (sample size)

I have to admit when I first opened this box I was at work and few colleagues shouted out ‘toothpaste, they gave you toothpaste’! Ah-ha but this isn’t just any toothpaste from watching the TV advert on the telly, this toothpaste from Italy contains ActiluX, a non-abrasive, peroxide free formula that reacts to light to whiten your teeth throughout the day. Essentially it claims the more you smile, the whiter your teeth will be! Now that is a bold claim and since we’ve been having some sunshine of late I look forward to putting this to the test.

Nip+Fab – Post Workout Fix, 50ml (full size) RRP £9.95

A cooling muscle gel packed with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients to give your body an instant boost post-workout. 

This product was the main reason why I chose this menu as I was curious to see how this unique product works. I have been slacking of late in the ‘exercising’ department and need all the help I can get! I knew when I started again that it was going to hurt! I did a 3 mile power walk (maybe easy on the power) this week and thought I would try this in order not to be walking around like Robocop the next day due to stiffness. This has a rollerball at the top and you just apply it to your aching muscles. The first thing that hits you is the menthol smell which instantly sent alerts to my frazzled brain asking ‘what are you doing me now’! Next came the weird burning sensation which was completly my fault, as when I first applied I thought it was not doing anything, so applied more. Once I got over this strange feeling on my skin I just kicked back and allowed the gel to do its work and reflect on my workout triumph.

Deep Steep – Moisture Stick in ‘Honeydew Spearmint’, 15ml (full size) RRP £3.60

Deep Steep’s top seller is formulated to melt on contact with the heat from your skin. The Moisture Stick glides on easily and hydrates even the driest of skin. 

As we received a multipurpose balm in last months box I decided to use the stick on the heels of my feet to get them summer ready for the sandal wearing period. I love the smell of this, so refreshing and OMG it’s so good! It’s really moisturising, hands free application since in a stick form and small enough to be popped into the handbag for any top ups during the day.

Quintessentially English – Bath Salts in ‘Summer Solstice’, 50g (sample size)

These soothing bath salts with dead sea salt and pure essential oils are lovingly hand made in Lacock, England.

I have used this and love the invigorating aroma it fills your bathroom with when running a bath. It left my skin soft and is non drying. I like that you can also use these salts to exfoliate by blending it with a small amount of sweet almond oil to create a rich body scrub.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – False Lashes in ‘Grace’ (full size) RRP £6

This is the first time I’ve had false eye lashes in my possession as I have never used them before. Great to receive in a beauty box and as I am a complete novice will get a friend to help apply them for me. I think a girls night out is in order!

LMB Contents | March 2014

That’s it from this months box, I am just loving the innovative products Love Me Beauty is bringing to us.

You can subscribe to Love Me Beauty for £10 plus p&p (£2.95)

Have you received this month box? Have you tried any of these products? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Love iblushbeauty -x-


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