Wantable comes to the UK | Makeup Box

You’ve probably heard the buzz over the internet air waves that Wantable now delivers to the UK!

For those of you who are not familiar with Wantable, it’s a US based subscription box company that has 3 types of boxes for subscribers to chose from; makeup, accessorises and intimates. Now I did get a ‘Wooo’ from friends and work colleagues when I mentioned ‘intimates’ to them. Settle down people, ‘intimates box’ contains your camis, underwear, shorts, workout gear etc. not the ‘buzzing variety’! For its ‘accessories box’ you get a range that can include rings, statement necklaces, bracelets etc. I know a few people who would be into this type of box as not everyone is into makeup.

The lovely people over at Wantable kindly sent me this box for me to try. I was torn between the makeup and intimates box, but sticking to my beauty blog I decided to go for the makeup box.

Once you’ve picked your chosen box you get to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire for Wantable to know your likes and dislikes. I have to admit I was so blown away by the level of detailed questions, as it has three choices, you either ‘Love, Like or Dislike’ an option. You are more likely to get something you ‘love’ but Wantable guarantee you’ll never get anything from your ‘dislike’ option. For example, when it came to picking lip product that I like, it goes further in asking you if you like your lip textures to be deep, bright, sheer, or shimmer. They even give you pictures for you to see what they are talking about, to help you with your selection.

So here is what I got from my first Wantable Makeup Box:

Wantable Contents

Girlactick Beauty Chic Shine in Starlet Pink, 3.2g

Wantable Highlighter

This shimmer highlighter for your cheekbones or under your eyebrow to give a metallic foil shine. This gorgeous casing comes with a handy built in mirror.

Mistura 6-in-1 Retractable Beauty Brush

Wantable Brush

This ultra-soft synthetic hair bristles pop out from the handle. You can fan it out fully to sweep powder over your face or retract your brush upwards for a more concentrated pigmentation around the eyes, cheekbones or to cover hard to reach areas around the nose. I love the caramel colour of this brush, it it has a cover to keep it dust free and protected if traveling.

Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Chrome Sweet Chrome, 2.5g

Wantable Eye Base

This gorgeous creamy grey colour eyeshadow can be used on it own for a softer colour or used as a eye base if you want a more intense look under a powder eyeshadow.

DEX New York Lipstick in Mermaid Ave Shell, 3.4g

Wantable Lipstick

I absolutely love this rich, creamy nude colour lipstick. Now I am weary when it comes to nudes, as I have been unsuccessful in the beauty box department (as you well and heard me document), this was just the right shade that suits my skin tone – I am a happy bunny! Well done to Wantable for getting this right! 🙂 It’s simply gorgeous and I wore on a chilly night out, last Saturday. This lipstick felt like I had a lip balm on, as it left my lips feeling super soft and smooth, which is not normal as I do tend to find lipsticks quite drying. I’ve left this lippy in my handbag, as its now become part of my staple products.

Lastly Wantable thrown in an extra item, a light under foundation makeup enhancer by Sorme. Essentially a makeup primer that is meant to help make your foundation last longer.   

Total value for this months box is: $72.82

Wantable Reveal

Obviously it’s early days but I am liking this box and the whole concept from Wantable. What makes it stand out for the rest of the beauty box clan is it gives you 4-5 full size premium products (the makeup packaging is well swish), it’s custom made to your likes, it’s different in that it features US brands and you get control over what you get from the detailed questionnaire. Also, which I think is great is if you do get a box that you don’t like, you can return it to them for a refund, no questions asked!

The cost of a subscription box is $36 of which you can cancel or skip anytime or you can go for a one-time purchase box for $40 (with postage to the UK costing $7).  This is great if you want to make a special purchase for Mother’s Day coming up or for someones birthday.

If you would like to know more you can check them out by clicking this link here.

Love iblushbeauty -x-

*Complimentary box sent for review



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