Love Me Beauty Surprise Box | December 2013

Hello lovely people!

This Christmas Edition I went for the ‘Surprise Box’ option as all three menu choices were similar and I wasn’t particularly drawn to any of the items. Plus all three menu choices featured Lord & Berry products again and so far (as you’ve read in my previous blogs) I have not been successful in the lipstick shades they’ve included.

LMB Box | December 2013

Those of you who subscribe to Love Me Beauty (LMB) would be right in thinking this is in fact ‘Menu 3’ from the menu choices in The Boutique Store. I thought the same and even contacted LMB informing them of the mistake, only to be told that I was indeed sent the correct box and the ‘Surprise Box’ can feature any of the three menu’s or a mixture of the three. Now this is not mentioned in their box description on their website! To me a surprise would constitute a box carefully selected which would be different to the ones shown, even maybe products that have been previously featured. A gamble either way with no guarantees of you liking it of course but to send me something I could have hand-picked myself…like really!?

So folks my advice…DO NOT order the surprise box! Just pick your chosen option of the 3 and be done with it!

So here is what I got from Menu 3…sorry I mean the ‘Surprise Box’:

LMB Contents | Dec 13

Lord & Berry lipstick and lip liner swatches

Lord & Berry lipstick and lip liner swatches

Lord & Berry Kiss Proof Lip Liner in ‘Romantica’ (full size), £7.50

Now the first time I applied this bright lip liner it kinda dragged on my lips. 😦 The second time I first applied some lip balm to help it along a bit and the application went on only slightly better. I find with more use, the more pliable it becomes. I do wear pink lip products and overall I feel this is more suited as a liner than an all over lip product.

Lord & Berry Intensity Lipstick in ‘Glazed Pink’ (full size), £12

I was excited to see that this was a pink lipstick as generally I like the colour pink and have lip glosses in various pink shades. So the look I got from my partner when he saw me with this on was alarming to say the least. My cousin said I looked like I was embalmed! Now seriously LMB I am not trying to ‘rock the dead look’! After all Halloween only comes around once a year. I think its far to say this lipstick did not suit me AT ALL and is the 3rd disappointing lipstick I’ve had from LMB on Lord & Berry.  Being the helpful lass I am, I did send them an email letting them know if they could at least provide a more universal shade next time (hopefully there will not be next time), after all I’m starting to think LMB have Shares or something with Lord & Berry since the brand features an awful lot in their boxes the last few months!

Gosh I am sounding like a right misery guts, but I have sat on this review for weeks now and you’re getting the tamer version as my feelings haven’t changed. Right onto the other more ‘joyous’ items in this box.

Headline Colors Nail Polish in Quicksand (2 coats)

Headline Colors Nail Polish in Quicksand (2 coats)

Headline Colours (full size) Nail Polish in ‘Qucksand’, £9 (10ml)

I am liking the nude colour nail vanish and think I will wear it on my return to work after the festive period.

Rodial Glamtox Night Gel (sample size), 15ml (£90 for full size 50ml)

GlamtoxNight works to retexture and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and pore size while you sleep. 

I haven’t tried anything from this brand and it’s always good to have a night treatment. It’ll be interesting to see how this compares to the Trilogy one I received in my YOU Beauty Advent Calendar (see here).

Matriskin Vitamin C Serum (sample size), 7.5ml (£56.35 for full size 30ml)

The Vitamin C Serum is renowned for its repairing and restructuring properties. When applied to the skin, it reduces age spots and pigmentation for a neutral, smoother finish. 

Now this product I am excited about, I have had previously the  Matriskin Collagen Serum (see here) from LMB and have liked it.  I’ve heard great things about products containing Vitamin C especially during this colder climate. Look forward to giving this a try.

Ok so all in all 3 out of 5 isn’t bad right? I have read from other bloggers that subscription services start off well and then take a noise dive. Being the optimist I am, I really do hope this is just a one-off this month and LMB will ‘rise again’ in 2014 and knock me over with some great products! After all prior to this box I did just renew my subscription for another 6 months…(doing a Homer Simpson “D’oh”!).

Have you had the festive box from Love Me Beauty? What are your thoughts on this months edition?

Love iblushbeauty -x-


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