YOU Beauty Advent Calendar | Day 19-21

Here is day 19, 20 and 21 of YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2013.

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2013

DAY 19: MODEL CO Mascara

Lengthen and thicken your lashes with this lengthening black mascara – a rich, water-resistant formulation that delivers brilliant extension and high-definition impact. This long-lasting, light weight mascara separates as it extends leaving your lashes looking thick and shiny. 

Day 19

Always good to have a mascara. Apart from the booklet description there is nothing written on the product itself apart from the brand name, not even the millilitre size, although you can see it is a full size product.

DAY 20: THE FINE FRAGRANCE Body Spray, 100ml

This sophisticated body spray, perfumed with fine fragrances, allows you to feel confident, clean and subtly scented throughout the day. Use all over your body, as part of your dressing process and to fragrance your closes with a lighter, every day perfume. 

Day 20

When I first saw this I thought ‘ohh no, it’s a dry shampoo or hairspray’, but alas its a body spray. I then thought it’s going to smell terrible and something my grandmothers era would like. Again, I was completely wrong and it smells absolutely gorgeous with a sweet floral scent, right up my street.  As they saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. I can’t say I’m really into body sprays but will give his one a go, probably be good for a quick freshen up.

DAY 21: ALTERNA Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist, 25ml

This lightweight, instantly absorbing dry oil mist eliminates frizz, shields hair from heat styling tools and enhances shine. This smoothing oil can be used as a treatment to strengthen, soften and repair the hair, or as a style primer to achieve perfectly silky, sleek texture. 

Day 21

This hair mist says it’s for fine to medium hair, my hair is long and thick but will give it a go non the less. I like the idea that it eliminates frizz and will use prior to blow drying my hair and before using my GHD straighteners. Look forward to see how this fairs.

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of what has been a fantastic advent calendar.  This calendar is now half price at £24.95 with contents worth £240, check out YOU Beauty Discovery here.

Have you tried any of these brands? Let me know your thoughts below.

Love iblushbeauty -x-


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