YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2013

Today I was fortunate to be at home when the door bell rang and it was a man delivering a parcel. I did rack my brains as I seem to have lost track on items I have ordered of late and didn’t know what was being delivered. As soon as I saw the cardboard box I instantly knew it was my beauty advent calendar from YOU Beauty Discovery. What a surprise as I was not expecting it at all as I have not received a dispatch email from them saying it was on its way. Anyway this pleasant surprise bought a major grin on my face and I smiled at the delivery man with  happy glee, unfortunately his face didn’t match mine and he proceeded to have a bit of a moan about how manic it is, cold outside and how he only just started as he wanted extra cash for the festive period.  I gave him my sympathies as I bid him farewell. As soon as the door closed I did my little jiggy dance in my hall way.

Make a wish...

This is my first Beauty Advent Calendar as I was completely unaware they even existed till I started blogging. I reached for the scissors to break through the seal I noticed above my address read: “If you would like to return item, please send to this address…”. I chucked and thought ‘ YEAH right, like that is really going to happen’! 🙂

I gasped when I saw the box, not just because it was huge, but it was SO pretty with its shiny white and satin tied bow. I reached for it and proceeded to do a little twirl dance around the living room, holding it close.

White Satin Bow

It also came with a little booklet and scanning quickly through it I see it offers discount codes for items that is in the box. I didn’t read in any depth as I do want the items to be a daily surprise but if you do want to know more of its content, the website does provide a full item list for you. What attracted me to this particular beauty calendar compared to others out there is its contents is worth £240 and you pay just over a fifth of that at £49.95, now that’s value for money!

YBD Advent Calendar Booklet

Christmas feels like it’s really here!! Exciting!! Right, I am going now to continue my waltz dance with my calendar.

Roll on 1st December!!!

YBD Advent Calendar Countdown

If you are interested in getting the YOU Beauty Advent Calendar then please click here. It would make a great present for that special someone, for a birthday or just as a treat to yourself.

Let me know if you would like an unveiling of each item day by day? That’s if you can bear it. 😉

Love iblushbeauty -x-


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