Love Me Beauty Box | October 2013

Love Me Beauty's New Box Design

Love Me Beauty’s New Box Design

This is my 3rd instalment from my Love Me Beauty (formally Beauteco) 6 month subscription. This box is a real treat in that it contains body care, haircare, makeup and skincare products all in one box! Plus you get 4 out 5 products which are full size. 🙂

LMB Box October 2013

LMB Menu October 2013

LMB Box Contents October 2013

Lord & Berry Smudge Proof Eyeliner (full size) £7.50

Now I always find with make up sets it always contain a black eyeliner, so I didn’t pay attention when ordering this menu and thought it would be the same (how wrong was I). In fact the colour is SMOKE which is a silvery/grey colour and it looks great! I did try and take a picture of a swob on my hand, but the picture just wasn’t doing it justice. What I will say is it definitely both smudge and waterproof as it was not budging from my hand and in the end resorted to using make up remover to take it off at the end of the day. I think it’s real cleaver of LMB to put a different colour eyeliner in this box as I have LOADS of black eyeliners. I am looking forward to using this during the A/W period (autumn winter).

Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara (full size) £12

This waterproof mascara in the colour black claims to thicken and lengthen lashes. I will not open this as yet as I have currently two mascaras on the go at the moment (Mally and Rituals), but will get round to using it when one finishes.

Balm Balm (full size) Detox Bath & Shower, 5ml £6

This detox bath and shower aromatherapy oil, smelt very citrusy and invigorating. It is in a small bottle (surprised it is full size), enough for about 2-3 baths although I did nearly pour the whole contents in when I used it and have about a third left!  I put this down to jet lag and not concentrating as I used it straight after I got home from the airport. It was exactly what I needed after a 7 hour flight.

Welda Millet Nourishing Shampoo (sample size), 18ml

This shampoo contains organic macadamia nut oil with extracts of sage. It smells really nice and from other blogs people have said the scent lingers for days. Am looking forward to trying it although I doubt it will be enough for one application as  my hair is rather thick and long.

Amie Skincare (full size) Morning Dew, 100ml £4.95

This is my favourite item in this box. Firstly due to its size, 100ml is a generous size as normally your looking at 50ml and under for a face moisturiser.  What I love so far about this moisturiser is it leaves my skin feeling matt and helps keep my oily shine at bay. This will last me ages and if all continues to go well I may repurchase to use during the hotter summer months.

All in all a great box and am still impressed with Love Me Beauty, they just keep bring on the wow factor.

You can find out more about Love Me Beauty here.  Monthly subscription costs £10 plus £2.95 p&p, for what you get it’s definitely worth every penny.

What menu did you choose this month? What is your favourite product from the box?

Love iblushbeauty -x-


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