Love Me Beauty Box | September 2013




Last week I received this months Love Me Beauty box (formally Beauteco). The company has rebranded due to its original name resembling another company. When I heard the news I did panic as I have a fixed subscription with them for 6 months. Thankfully it is just a name change and the overall ethos that attracted me to them has remained the same…phew!

This months box features brands from Matriskin, Murad, Nip and Fab, Anatomicals and Essential Care. The main headlines were from Matriskin Collegen Serum and Murad Osmolyte Tonic, as it remains consistent in all 3 menu choices. My box is a pick from Menu 3:

Matriksin Collegen Serum, 7.5ml
This serum claims to fill and reduce wrinkles from first application and remove expression lines in just 30 days. Although I cannot comment on this claim, I can say during first application this serum made my moisturiser glide on smoothly and absorbed well into my skin.

Murad Osmolyte Tonic, 15ml
This tonic had me slightly confused as when to apply it. The instructions states after cleansing, but is that after my cleanse and tone or use instead of a toner? I even went on the Murad website to find an answer and it states ‘follow after your step 1 routine’…err hello!!! Being the responsible beauty blogger I am, I sent an email to Murad customer services of which they kindly replied “To get the maximum benefit it should be used as a finishing spray at the end of your daily routine. So it’s best to use it after you have cleansed, toned, treated and finished with moisturizer. Then apply a few sprays of the tonic to the skin to lock everything in.” Ok now that makes more sense!

Nip and Fab Clean Gel Fix, 120ml
I’ve been excited to try a ‘Nip and Fab’ product for a while now, as I have seen it in Boots but never tried there products before. The gel smells pleasant, it has a squeaky clean scent about it. What’s interesting is it claims to be a multi-purpose cleanser by plumping fine lines, preventing the formation of blackheads and remove all traces of make up including stubborn mascara. The mascara element I find intriguing as I’ve seen where cleansers have made such statements of being good at removing eye make up and mascara and when I’ve put this to the test I seen traces of my eye shadow and even worse, woken up to see remnants of last night mascara on the pillow! Ugh
Without makeup – this product left my skin feeling very clean without drying.
With make up – to put this to the ultimate test, I used both Mally’s bullet proof ‘won’t come off till you want to take if off’ eyeshadow stick and volumising mascara. To my amazement it actually removed both!! Go Nip and Fab!

Anatomicals Day and Night Spot Stick, 7ml
I was happy to see this stick as I’ve just run out of my Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Stick. I love the 60s style Batman and Robin comic packaging, its makes for an entertaining read. This double ended product contains a clear gel for day and a milky colour end for night time. The night end smelt like antiseptic and the day end my partner mentioned it smelt sterile like an NHS cleaning product…NICE! In all seriousness it may well have some spot combating properties, watch this space. Word of caution: being double ended make sure you securely fasten to avoid leakage!

Essential Care Gentle Herb Shampoo, 30ml
This 70% organic plant actives with nettle, horsetail and aloe gentle herb balancing and condition shampoo states it is suitable for babies and those with problem skin. Very impressive if I say so myself. This sample was enough for one application and I felt the product was a bit too mild for my long thick hair, but can see the appeal for those with sensitive scalp and did feel it was delicate enough for babies.


Overall, am happy again with the items in this months box. Great to try out new brands and look forward to my birthday months ‘October’ instalment. 🙂

With love,

iblushbeauty -x-


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