What is a ‘Beauty Box’?

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you for your comments and reading my blog. The main feedback from some of you is that you would like to know more about what is a ‘beauty box’ etc. So below I have some Q&A’s for you.

What is a beauty box?
A beauty box is a box containing 4-5 products to ‘try before you buy’ on a range of beauty products such as hair care, body care, make-up, skin care and lifestyle. It’s a way of you sampling brands that you may or may not be familiar with.  Each provider has their own unique selling point, be it eco-friendly, high-end, organic, new product launch etc…just to name a few.

What size does the products come in?
This depends on who you subscribe with, but generally they have a mixture of sample, trial or full size products contained in the box.

What are the type of subscriptions?
Again depending on who you subscribe with you can get a one-off box, rolling monthly subscriptions or fixed subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months. Normally if you go for fixed subscriptions you get some incentives such as for 6 months 1 box free or 12 months 2 boxes free.

Who are the main beauty box providers?
The most popular beauty boxes on the market are from Glossybox and Birchbox, but new beauty box companies are springing up all the time!

Who is your favourite beauty box?
My firm favourite beauty box at the moment is by Love Me Beauty (formally Beauteco). Each month they open their boutique store and you get to choose from a choice of 3 menus. I was attracted to this box due to its eco-friendly packaging, overall quality and full size products they have in their boxes (no small foil samples or perfume vials here). Subscriptions costs £10 per month with £2.95 p&p with discounts for fixed subscriptions.

What other boxes have you subscribed to?
I’ve just subscribed to a new box that launch this month (1st September) called YOU Beauty Discovery. What attracted me to this box was firstly the price of £6.95 (which includes p&p)! This by far is the cheapest and most affordable beauty box I’ve seen on the market. When I investigated further I found that it is linked to ‘YOU Magazine’ which you get inside your Sunday Daily Mail newspaper and Latest in Beauty. Secondly, I felt that due to them being part of a large marketing company they would have access to a variety of brands. Lastly, its similar to Love Me Beauty in that each month you can choose 2 products of your choice and the rest will be selected for you. I like this idea of choosing your own products as the likelihood of being disappointed with what you receive is slim, plus you get to fill out a profile of yourself so they know a bit about you when they pick additional items for your box.

What other boxes do you have your eye on?
New boxes are coming out all the time, as mentioned above you have YOU Beauty Discovery. There is also another new beauty box that has launched this month called Glowwbox which is aimed at women of colour. They provide you with 5 luxury products each month.  I am very excited about this new box and am keeping my eye on them as it may be one I’ll subscribe to at some point. The cost of this box is £15 excluding p&p.
Other boxes is Love Lula (formally Amarya beauty box) for its natural and organic beauty products.
Lastly Souk Souk the little green beauty box. In addition to its regular monthly box they have just launched ‘bespoke’ and ‘limited edition’ beauty boxes. With my birthday being next month this may be on my pressie wish list! Hint hint! 😉

Hopefully this has answered the majority of your questions. Look out for up and coming review on September beauty boxes from Love Me Beauty and the new YOU Discover Beauty.

With love,

iblushbeauty -x-

P.S. The above content is from my own research and has no affiliation (besides from parting with my hard earned cash) with the companies mention in this post.


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