Beauteco Beauty Box Review | August 2013

This week I received my very first beauty box from ‘Beauteco’ YEAH! *doing a jiggy dance* Being me I couldn’t wait to rip open the box, did so without the use of scissors and ended up with sticky tape on my finger nails…ugh.   Anyway here is its contents and my overall first impressions of the box from menu 3:

Beauteco box packaging

Aug box preview

August 13 products

Aug leaflet

Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash (full size) 100ml

Firstly I could smell the lavender tea tree scent as I opened the box which filled me with even more excitement.  Typically, my skin was on its best behaviour when using it!  I loved the way it invigorated my senses when in the shower (anything to wake me up). Afterwards I felt my skin looked slightly dry in patches (nose and forehead).

Verdict: Will save for when I have one of those really oily/greasy feel skin days, in need of something extra from my daily cleansing routine.

S5 Purity Serum (sample size) 10ml –  £9 from S5 website

I applied this after the usual cleanse and tone and immediately felt this product stood to attention.  It had a matt toned appearance, definitely feels like something is going on in the background.  I imagine this product doing some kung fu kicks to my blemishes 😉

Verdict: It’s obviously early days but I am ‘wowed’ by the instant change to my skin, me likey!

Melvita Body Milk Rose  (sample size) 30ml

I would describe this product as a light moisturiser with a pleasant fresh scent of rose, absorbed well into the skin.

Verdict: I like fact it’s an organic eco product.

Lord and Berry demo

Lord and Berry Intensity Lipstick Peach Gleam (full size)

Now this product describes itself as ‘peach’ but for me it looked more of a gold nude colour with a hint of shimmer.

Verdict: Not really my cup of tea for a stand alone use, but think I would use it as a moisturising base and apply another colour on top. Or the colour may just grow on me. 

Lord and Berry Kissproof Lip Colour Blossom (full size)

I was looking forward to trying this product due to its double use appeal (lip liner and lipstick in one).  The berry colour looked great and suited my skin complexion.

Verdict: I did find the consistency too hard to apply as a lipstick but great as a liner, but this  may soften with further use.

Overall I am absolutely loving my first box from Beauteco and feel this box is definitely great value for money.  I love the fact that I am sampling brands I am not familiar with and testing them out.  For me, what makes Beauteco stand out from the rest of the world of ‘beauty boxes’ is that you actually get to choose your box from a choice of 3 menus in its boutique store, this has great kerb appeal.

I look forward to receiving my September box! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

With love,

iblushbeauty -x-


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