Beauty Box – First and foremost

Hello and welcome to my very first blog posting!!

Blogging – It’s a whole new world that I didn’t know existed. I guess I never really gave it any thought. I am aware friends doing ‘pregnancy blogs’ where you can subscribe by adding your email address and you receive newly added posts, but never thought of it in regards to the world of ‘beauty’.

It all began when I received the latest deals from a subscription called LivingSocial. It was offering subscribers 6 months for £38 for a beauty box called Birchbox.  I was totally unaware of the Beauty Box concept. Intrigued I decided to conduct some research and WHOOSH my awareness of beauty boxes was launched *signal calming ahhhhh*. I spent hours viewing beauty box sites, which lead to seeing blog site reviews, which then led to YouTube videos of beauty box unveilings, which then led to…I think you get the drift.  Hours upon hours of research consumed me, my irises danced as my new found knowledge grew.   Unfortunately this dithering lead to the Living Social Birthbox deal being sold out due to its popularity. To put it mildly I was ‘gutted’! So gutted in fact that I emailed Birthbox to see whether they would still honour me the deal?  This was not to be the case. So there I was, left empty, thinking…um should I just subscribe and pay the full amount… this I dwelled on only for a mere moment, that concept suddenly felt unappealing!I thought screw Birthbox I am sure there is some other box would suit my needs more…alas BeautEco popped up with its eco friendliness and menu choice.



I felt this was the box for me! Hahaha! I squared the idea with my partner (my way of justifying my ‘already decided’ purchase). I felt he was just sick of my eyes glued to my iPad reading and watching Bloggers videos late into the night and said ‘yeah go for it’. That’s all I needed hear folks and as they say ‘I tapped that app’!  So fellow readers I have now joined the exciting world of beauty boxes. I now feel like my life is on pause as I await the delivery of my very first box. To fill that time I spent more time on bloggers world and thought mmm I think I’ll create my own blog and share this with fellow friends and family. It’s crazy as I couldn’t think of a blog name and last night around 5.30 am I dreamt ‘Iblushbeauty’ I knew I couldn’t forget this and woke up and logged the name in my iPad.  In the morning when I was more conscious I thought ‘nah bet this name is already taken’, and as you can see it was not and iblushbeauty is born!


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